Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick highlights from England

-an 8 hour flight is long and uncomfortable
-an 8 hour flight is not as bad as a 24 hour flight from Australia
-a lot of australians, who have a butt ton of vacation time, come on European vacations
-Bath, England is gorgeous and full of culture
-London is busy, fast-paced, and essentially a European New York with a couple hundred years of extra history
-Bristol, England is not gorgeous. It's quite full of industry and although it has some neat features, it doesn't offer the same beauty that other parts of England do.
-England is not big on ice.
-Their car seats are better designed than ours are.
-Showers can be an adventure, and the water is very different all over the country.
-Canada has a lot in common with England.
-I've met a couple from Newcastle England, a man from New Zealand, a handful of Brits and 10 Aussies.
-Australian people are nice and use fun words like "kip" and "mate." They really do. I met a lady who runs a cattle ranch in the outback and talked to her for several hours over dinner.
-I love England.
-I do miss cold drinks.


  1. Glad you got there safely. Dedicate a "tea time" to me :)

  2. You're terrible at updating this.