Thursday, April 7, 2011

ABC's of Me

 (stolen from the lovely Rachel Buckingham)

A. Age: 23
B. Bed Size: full
C. Chore You Dislike: I really don't like vacuuming.
D. Dogs: I like them a lot. 
E. Essential Start to Your Day: I like to ease into my day, so I set an alarm that allows me to take my time getting ready so I don't have to rush around. I need a cup of coffee and something edible before anything of value really gets done (if, by a cup of coffee, you mean 2 or so.) 
F. Favorite Color: Orange, but I'm also a big fan of Navy blue. 
G. Gold or Silver: I'm a mixer and a matcher, but I tend to fall along silver and white gold more predominately. 
H. Height: 5'6"...ish. 
I. Instruments You Played: the flute...for five minutes of my adolescence. 
J. Job Title: Barista, student
K. Kids: Someday
L. Live: Portland, Oregon
M. Mom’s Name: Louise
N. Nicknames: I go by Lo, which is, in itself a nickname, but I get Lo-Lo, Loseph, Locifer, Loey, Love Bug, Lola, Lo down, and Loface a lot. 
O. Overnight Hospital Stays: two or three
P. Pet Peeves: People not answering communication or not communicating clearly, lack of punctuality, passive aggressive comments, strong strong perfume or cologne in public
Q. Quote From a Movie:
 "I want you to get into the deep beautiful melancholy of everything that's happened"
"Sometimes change can be so slow that you don't know that your life is better or worse until it is, or it can just blow you away and make you something different in an instant."

R. Righty or Lefty: Right
S. Siblings: Three brothers, one sister, and assorted in-laws
T. Time You Wake Up: This is different depending on the day. The usual is around 7-7:30, but the ideal is around 9 or 10. 
U. Underwear: Maybe? This is just a word...what is the correct response?
V. Vegetables You Don’t Like: Mushrooms, tomatoes (whether they count or not,) pickles, peppers...there are more I can't think of right now. 
W. What Makes You Run Late: Very little. My alarm not going off is the only one that comes to mind.
X. X-Rays You’ve Had: All of the standard and regular dental ones, and the most recent one in my recollection is injuring my ankle during a ballet final. 
Y. Yummy Food You Make: French onion soup, beef and onion enchiladas, chicken pot pie, hot chocolate, chocolate spiders.
Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: Seals and sea lions.