Saturday, October 23, 2010

If I could I would...(stolen from the lovely Rachel Buckingham)

If I could I would...

-start every day with a great cup of coffee ...or three

-work a job that allowed me a superb balance of time for work and travel/adventures

-take a trip all around Italy and Greece

-Do all 161 official scenic byways and highways

-have more free time for cooking and exploring

-never wear my best jeans to the point where they are unwearable

-wear flip flops year round

-live in a place where it rains at least half the time...long term (and I'm on my way)

-go to all 50 states

-visit every Canadian province and territory

-take cooking classes in Italy

-learn to tango

-have coffee mugs from every country in the UN

-go bungee jumping off of a bridge

-visit Israel

-go to Switzerland

-make a cheesecake from scratch

-host a Thanksgiving dinner

-finish writing a novel I can be proud of

-work for a recognized publishing house

-own rain boots for every day of the week

-have my house smell like apple cider, pumpkin pie, and fall leaves year-round

-visit Donegal Ireland and trace my ancestry

-spend some time in Alaska

-have a lake house somewhere tucked away

-live close enough to friends to continue to learn and teach about open-minded, forgiving, unconditional love

-go to Savannah, Georgia

-see Roswell, New Mexico

-start a catering company

-attend weddings of good friends as often as possible

-keep my eyes and my heart open


  1. 1. I asked you to go bungee jumping with me and you said no, so I do not believe you would actually do this.

    2. You did host Thanksgiving! Well, co-hosted. :)

    3. Come visit me and we'll go to Roswell!! (I'll be honest though, it's not all it's cracked up to be lol)

  2. Love it! Love you too! And I'm game to try to knock out a few of these at some point if you want company! :)

  3. I'll do scenic byways and go to Savannah with you. And drink a ton of **GOOD** coffee, cause you know it's what I do. And probably other things but my boss is rambling about nothing and giving me a headache so I've forgotten... LOVE YOU